What products do we use?

Finishing cabinets varies for each customer. Re-purposing old cabinet depends on wood, current finish and also stain color.  We use 100% Acrylic Enamels, alkyds and milk paints for  the hardest finish along with the best bonding primers and sealers. We offer Metallic, Glazes, distressing, stenciling, embossing. Whatever a client is looking for we can do! Many customers love the satin sheen of a Milk Paint. It sprays beautiful and we show you how to do the base yourself to help save money, or we can give you an estimate to do your bases as well.

What is the cost?

Our prices vary depending on the finish. Some finishes take many layers and we do all doors horizontally for the finest sprayed finish!

How long does it take?

We ask for 3 weeks for all kitchens.  Because we spray and cure one side at a time, backs first of course, we need to allow for the layers to dry and cure. Painted doors typically finish quicker than a glazed and distressed finish.  Also, oils have their own nature and depending on weather and humidity, can take extra time to dry.  Be patient and you will get the best finish at the most affordable cost with Intrigue.