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My years of experience has been plentiful and wonderful. I spent my earlier years freelancing in decorative painting and Interior Design. As I got busier and spent hours on a ladder, I realized that if I continued doing just hands on work full time that I would eventually burn out and not continue to love what I do. I then moved into retail. Wow, what a change and new adventures that was to bring. I started with a small store. And those that know me, saw that grow. I met so many wonderful people, and also started teaching. I met professionals all over the US, and I traveled for product and education. “One never stops learning”. I had employees that I love to this very day that became lifetime friends. So many blessings….. I can’t even begin to tell them all, but I am so thankful. After 18 years in retail and hard work in the field, I did suffer a lot of physical injuries. I closed my store with tears in my eyes and decided to move to a home based business. Many customers followed me and visit me at my home for custom framing weekly. After years of experience and education, I decided to become certified in Home Inspections. What a wonderful addition. Helping people with such an important investment. I also had surgery on my wrists and now enjoy my true passion from the very beginning of my career and that is painting once again. I love making a blank canvas come to life. Making it so beautiful that it brings tears of joy to ones eye. Everything I create is from the heart and passion. I look forward to the future. I will continue to learn and create and bring joy in so many way to others thru knowledge and Art! This is my life, how wonderful it is. Thru constant change, learning, love and faith…..I love my career. Message me, and I will get started on that special project for you!

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